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Balanced world

Empowering all, creating a fair and just world or uniting for a fair and just world.
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Bridging the gender gap, one byte at a time
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Generation -

Combining experiences, building a better future or Embracing age,
Embracing the future generation
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Geography -

Diverse locations, Global perspectives or Unity in cultures, Driving innovations.
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Our Principles

Strategic Pillars

We Are Creating A Balanced World Of  Future

  • Diversity

    We Work On Facilitating Equal Representation Of Women In Workplaces As Corporate, Academia And Entrepreneurship. We Work On Equal And Just Representation Of Women Across All Generations And Geographies.

  • Inclusion and Belongingness

    We Work On Facilitating Creation Of Inclusive Environments In Corporate, Academia And Entrepreneurial Eco System Such That Women Across Generations And Geography Feel Included Fully And Equally.


Let No Gender be superior and Let No Gender be inferior


Let No Generation be superior and Let No Generation be inferior


Let No Geography be superior and Let No Geography be inferior


We develop future leaders of balanced world.


We believe in Collective Action for purposeful creation of balanced world.


We create communication of passionate people who network and support each other.

What We Do



Amidst the hustle of a zillion situations in the world, create a place for yourself. Walk a soulful journey to an ambitious destination without gender inequality. Bagggel foundation is beside you in your journey.


Generation may be of age but in the thought. A mindful of ideas is inspiring rather than a standardized plan of action. Embrace an era of freedom and inclusiveness.


Passion shatters all barriers and allows you to achieve your goal. Boundaries are for identity, not for inequality. Confidently walk through withdrawing the geographic barriers. Bagggel foundation is there to support you in this endeavor. Stronger the passion. Stronger will you stand.

Foundation Playbook :

The foundation will serve the cause of women in gendered space in first year and proceed towards including and integrating intersectionality of diversity as generation and geography in phased manner.
1. The Leaders Network(Tln)
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Be CEO ready

Stay in The Game

Own Your Work Identity




Upcoming Events

Upcoming- Splash around - Open for membership –The Leaders Network(TLN)- Submit your interest now

Our Approach

Today's Mantra

Unity In Every Direction

  • You belong Here
  • You will not be judged and You will not judge
  • You will be open to both receive and give
  • You agree to share your voice and also listen to other’s voices
  • You commit to growing and help others grow
  • You commit to the common purpose, which we will evolve together

Our Values

The Mission Will Be Accomplished Through Core Values As
  • Thriving on Diversity
  • Fostering Inclusion
  • Practicing Empathy
  • Nurturing Growth
  • Purposeful Creation

Upcoming Events


Challenge the Narrative Debate

April, 2023

In Person

Small Format Coffee Meet up

May, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Mission Of BAGGGEL Foundation?

BAGGGEL Foundation is missioned to create a Balanced World of the Future, that belongs to all. The Future Leaders of Balanced world symbolise the values of *Thriving on diversity, *Fostering inclusion, *Practicing empathy, *Nurturing growth mindset, and Actively collaborating for purposeful creation.

BAGGGEL Stands For ?

BA- Balanced, G - Gender, G- Generation, GE-Geography, L- Leaders. In Summary Balanced leaders of future promoting Balance in Gender, Generation and Geography

How Can I Volunteer

Please click the volunteer button at the main page and register for volunteership. We will get in touch with you.

Is BAGGGEL Foundation a social impact organization?

BAGGGEL is a not-for-profit venture focused on women empowerment

What is the social impact of BAGGGEL Foundation?

The social impact of BAGGGEL Foundation is empowering women towards economic independence, providing agency to make decisions and leading a purposeful life free of bias and judgment.

What is the Slogan for BAGGGEL Foundation?

Stop Excluding to Start Including is the slogan for the Foundation. It can be achieved by LNEA— Let Noone Exclude Anyone.




#13, LR Mansion, 2nd Cross, Kodihalli, HAL Main Road, Bengaluru - 560008, India.


#13, LR Mansion, 2nd Cross, Kodihalli, HAL Main Road, Bengaluru - 560008, India.

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