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" Empowering Women of Today & Tomorrow "


Our mission is ‘Collective voice & collective action’. Each member contributes their unique, powerful voice to the purpose. Because ‘Each voice matters’. Creating a balanced world and breaking the barriers of gender, generation, geography and intersectionality. To encourage everyone to move forward with the long-term broken goals they have always dreamt of, without compromising them for various reasons. Turn the challenges they face in every phase into stepping stones for growth and achievement.


We envision a place where everyone can courageously come out of their cocoon and portray who they actually are, where they can safely and fearlessly sustain in whatever and wherever they are. We envision creating a space where women can speak up about their inner passion and ceaselessly work towards achieving it. Create a sustainable tomorrow where we can learn, support, share what we own, and unfold together.

Our Story

April 2007 to March 2021

April 2007, I wore the Gender Lens and the world never looked the same. I could see women face biases, micro aggressions and harassment at workplace, were invisible at CEO Table, Boards and media headlines, felt oppressed and subjugated in the society. There continues to be a lack of respect and recognition for women and women are made to fight for every small thing. The world appears out of balance for women at home, in society and at the workplace.

April 2022

The ‘idea’ was born – Can we create a Utopian World which includes, respects and treats women fairly? A world wherein they belong wholeheartedly

May 2022

The idea was simplified to ‘Seeing Human First’. A world that raises collective voice towards seeing people as Human First. We needed a set of people who believed in the idea.

June 2022

A group of very senior, highly accomplished, superbly capable and awesomely passionate women got together and met for the first time. The intent of doing something for women was born.

July 2022

My personal intent included looking across Generations and Geography. The intent is to look at intersectionality of gender, generation and geography. Younger women from remote towns and older women who are willing to work and yet being ignored because of ageism.

August 2022

The Leaders Network(TLN) was born and we had 100% percent more participation from our first event. The group was getting focused to make a difference and we brainstormed on what to work upon as our collective and shared mission.

September 2022

My personal intent of making a not-for- profit bore fruit and the choice to start a foundation was made.

October 2022

BAGGGEL FOUNDATION was born with the intent to create Balanced Leaders of Future focusing on dissolving boundaries of Gender, Generation, Geography and working on its intersectionality for women.

November 2022

Members of TLN- The Leaders Network met and we committed to meeting once every quarter across Bengaluru and strengthening our collective voice. TLN was anchored as integral to the BAGGGEL Foundation.

December 2022

We concluded the Year 2022 with a purpose of leaving this world much better than we inherited it.

January 2023

We moved to our ‘New office’ and we were both creating and sharing a new identity.

February 2023

The BAGGGEL Foundation would focus on creating communities as TLN, Developing interventions for increasing women in the workplace across all levels beginning from the very Top, Making women visible as role models and present them as a source of inspiration for others. The work was cut out.

March 2023

The BAGGGEL Foundation was ready to be launched formally.

Our Values & Guiding


Demonstrating a way for a balanced, harmonious future where everyone can co-exist regardless of all impediments, paving the path to a future filled with marvels.


We understand that everyone holds a unique position and treat everyone with respect, fairness, and regard.


Creating an atmosphere where all perspectives are respected and we make an effort to comprehend one another's ideas.


We understand the other person's possibilities and plan ways to grow together.

Bagggel Foundation

Board of Directors

Founder & CEO – BAGGGEL Foundation

Chairman and Managing Director- ABS India and Director - BAGGGEL Foundation

Bagggel Foundation

Board of Advisors


#13, LR Mansion, 2nd Cross, Kodihalli, HAL Main Road, Bengaluru - 560008, India.


#13, LR Mansion, 2nd Cross, Kodihalli, HAL Main Road, Bengaluru - 560008, India.

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