Our BAGGGEL Consulting Framework

Workplace Equity, Equality and Inclusion Consulting -
We consult on creating a workplace that values Equity, Equality, Inclusion amongst all the employees.

The 5-Step framework focuses on :


We offer review of policies, practices and emotion that are indicative of organizational culture that is instrumental in promoting Equity, Equality and Inclusion amongst its women employees the right way.

Our Consulting Principles :

We believe the workplaces need to believe in first Doing The Right Thing and focus subsequently on Doing it Right. Hiring, Retaining, Developing women in the workplace is a matter of “Workplace Equity and Equality”. Let us collaborate in creating a Balanced world.


Are we hiring in equal numbers? Are we providing equal opportunities to our women candidates?


Are we practising equal and fair pay? Are our women employees engaged? Do they feel heard and valued?


Are we offering opportunities to network within and outside the workplace? Are we understanding what women want in terms of developmental support through their life cycle stages?


Are we promoting women as fairly and equally as men? Are we inspiring them to frontline roles? Are we sponsoring them equally and fairly? Does the work culture believe they are capable of being managers, directors, Vice Presidents, CXOs and CEO?


Are we focused on retaining women employees? Do we have provisions of slow, medium and fast paced roles that can support their work life integration or do they have to necessarily quit the game? What kind of flexibility of mindset and opportunities do we provide for different women on different career journeys? Are we a workplace that is inclusive of women and their needs or is this a male dominated workplace culture, that is asking women to fit in?


#13, LR Mansion, 2nd Cross, Kodihalli, HAL Main Road, Bengaluru - 560008, India.


#13, LR Mansion, 2nd Cross, Kodihalli, HAL Main Road, Bengaluru - 560008, India.

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